Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I am honored to be leading the membership of IBEW Local 98 into an exciting, successful future, one in which you and your families can enjoy a good life and a rewarding career.

IBEW Local 98 is powered by the membership, always has been and always will be. I was raised in a Union household and learned at the earliest age the value and power of being part of a Union. 

Local 98 finds itself at a time of renewal and rededication to the principles that have guided us for more than 100 years – honor; integrity; accountability; solidarity; fair wages and benefits; safe working conditions; charity; the training and education of the next generation of Local 98 Electricians and Technicians; and the constant pursuit of excellence in every facet of our operations.

We will honor these guiding principles by aggressively pursuing work opportunities in all jurisdictions. We will recruit and expertly train future generations of union electricians and technicians through ATEI 98, while focusing on greater inclusivity. We will selectively support politicians who support Local 98 in deed, not just in word. We will hold government agencies accountable for enforcing the rules and regulations that ensure a safe and level playing field in the construction industry. We will continue to fight for fair wages and standards and safe job sites for our members, while working to organize non-union electricians and flip non-union jobs. Finally, we will honor our tradition of caring by supporting charities that make a difference in the communities in which we live, work and play. 

IBEW Local 98 was once one of the most respected Locals in all of the IBEW. We will be again through our hard work, dedication to our craft and solidarity with one another. I pledge my loyalty to you and my commitment to restoring our good name and rightful position as one of the most respected and successful IBEW Locals in North America. Together, we can accomplish anything.

Mark Lynch Jr Business Manager IBEW 98

Mark Lynch

Business Manager, IBEW Local 98