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We appreciate your interest in our local union and thank you for taking the time to visit. Here you can learn more about our 100 year-plus history, our mission, our leadership, the unmatched training we provide our members, our signature projects, and our commitment to the people of the City of Philadelphia.

“I have always said that the best way to never forget where you come from is to never leave. Since 1993, I have been honored to serve as the Business Manager of IBEW Local 98. This place is home to me. Our 5,000 members are not only the best in the electrical industry, they also are some of the best people I’ve ever known. Likewise, our signatory union contractors are the best in the business.

We appreciate their loyalty and are grateful for our mutually beneficial business relationships. We have come a long way over the past 21 years and stand now as one of the most successful and respected local unions in the nation. We reached this pinnacle through hard work,
smart politics, effective organizing, and the
development of a highly educated, unparalleled
union workforce. And the journey’s just begun. We’d
love your company along the way.”

Our Mission

The mission of IBEW Local 98 is to provide our electrical contractor partners with the best trained and most skilled workforce in the electrical industry.IBEW Local 98’s focus on continuing education, even for our most veteran journeymen electricians, keeps us on top of the constantly changing technologies in electrical technology and well ahead of the competition.

BRINGING Philadelphia Into the future

Through the efforts of the membership and officers of IBEW Local 98, Philadelphia will be ready for wherever technology takes us. Our members are highly trained in the latest technologies with a regemented focus on safety and a high quality of work.

Working with Focus

Local 98 members work in the electrical, telecommunications and broadcast industries in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. High-Definition broadcasts and wireless Internet are two examples of the emerging technologies that Local 98 is responsible for.

Connected with Community

Local 98 gets involved in the communities of its members through its members. From park clean-ups to church sponsored outreach programs, IBEW Local 98 always makes time to help.


"IBEW Local 98 takes pride in our city and the surrounding communities. You will find our members in every ethnic neighborhood in Philadelphia. We’re proud of our diversity, our city, and our country"

John J. Dougherty Business Manager Local 98​

Why Union?

Most frequent questions and answers

Employees bargain with strength for wages, benefits and rights when they join together. That’s why it’s important to unionize.
Under the employment at will doctrine, the cornerstone of American employment law, in general terms, unless you belong to a protected group, your employer has the right to discipline or terminate, with impunity, you for any reason — even a bad one — or for no reason at all. That’s why it is sometimes called the fire at will doctrine.

However, with a collective bargaining agreement, you have rights. Management must have just cause for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee. You bargain over wages, health benefits, working conditions and a retirement plan for your future. But, you bargain collectively with the strength that comes from a collective voice.

ITS ALWAYS wise to take full advantage of YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.
WITH A UNION, the employer must bargain and pay the wages negotiated.

WITH A UNION, your rights on the job are spelled out and must be respected.
WITH A UNION, you can stop abuses on the job. The union can prevent unjust and unfair treatment by giving you representation on the job and the right to file grievances if you are treated unfairly.

WITH A UNION, you can negotiate for better holiday pay, vacations, health and welfare benefits, and job conditions.
WITH A UNION, you have greater security on your job. Company management cannot fire you without good reason and they must respect your length of service if there are layoffs.

You elect your own local union officers. You run your own local union affairs.
You have your own negotiating committee. You make the decisions on your own union contract.

You have your own shop stewards.
You decide important policies and actions of your own union by majority vote.

IBEW 98 Apprentice Training

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the electrical industry by providing the best possible training to secure employment today and for the future

Our History

With over 114 years of experience, an IBEW 98 apprenticeship is the clear choice in Philadelphia to be trained for the future.

Our Training

From apprentices to journeymen, we are the best trained electricians and technicians. We never stop learning




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