Powering Philadelphia Since 1900

As the Business Manager of IBEW Local 98, I am filled with immense pride as we commemorate our union’s founding anniversary. Reflecting on our humble beginnings, it’s clear that the original seventeen electrical workers from January 5, 1900, could never have envisioned the monumental strides we’ve achieved. Our growth and success are the fruits of our founding members’ commitment and the unwavering effort of countless Local 98 members who have championed skilled labor and unity.

Our union’s rich history is woven from countless narratives of journeymen who dedicated their lives to shaping our community and strengthening our collective. The commitment of Local 98’s members has been evident in various arenas: on construction sites, within the walls of our union hall, and through legislative advocacy, all contributing to a legacy of significant achievements and paving the way towards a promising future.

I extend my deepest gratitude to every union member for their steadfast support and loyalty to Local 98. Together, we have fortified our union and advocated for our rightful portion of the nation’s prosperity. With continued dedication and solidarity, I am confident in our collective ability to further our growth and success. I rely on your collaboration as we strive to maintain Local 98’s influential role in our industry, the labor movement, and our community for the upcoming century.”

Mark Lynch – Business Manager, Local 98


IBEW Local 98 was officially chartered on January 5, 1900. From that humble beginning, IBEW Local 98 has grown to more than 5,000 members and is widely regarded as one of the most financially successful IBEW Locals in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our jurisdiction encompasses the City of Philadelphia and the majority of the four surrounding suburban counties – Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester. A significant component of our recent growth was the 2015 amalgamation with the former IBEW Local 380, which encompassed large swaths of Montgomery County and other suburban Philadelphia counties.

We owe our success to the dedication of these founding fathers of our union and to the thousands upon thousands of hard working Local 98 members past and present who believed in the value of union apprenticeships, skilled craftsmanship and union solidarity.

The history of Local 98 is made up of the stories of legions of journeymen who labored each day to build our city and our union. The members of Local 98 have for more than a century worked collectively on job sites, in our union hall, and in the legislative chambers of the city, counties, state and federal governments to demand a role in determining their destiny.

IBEW Local 98’s well-educated and superbly skilled electricians and technicians are constantly learning and evolving in order to connect the customers and communities we serve to the future.

Every member of this union has contributed to our success. We have worked together effectively to build this region and strengthen our union. By remaining diligent and united, we will continue to grow and prosper.

IBEW Local 98 will continue to be a positive force in our industry, in the labor movement, and in our communities for the next 100-plus years.


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