Our Mission

The mission of IBEW Local 98 is to provide our NECA contractor partners and end-users with the safest, best-trained and most experienced union workforce in the entire electrical industry. Likewise, the IBEW technicians in our Sound & Communication division are the very best in the entire telecommunications field. Our success is rooted in our commitment to education, not only through our award-winning, college-accredited Apprentice Training Academy, but also through continuing education opportunities for our Journeymen Electricians. The constantly evolving technologies in the energy sector demand that IBEW Local 98s members stay educated and prepared to meet every new challenge. In addition, IBEW Local 98 is committed to our membership and to the communities in which we live, work and play. 98 Cares is more than just a slogan, its the principle that drives everything we do.

BRINGING Philadelphia Into the future

Through the efforts of the membership and officers of IBEW Local 98, Philadelphia will be ready for wherever technology takes us. Our members are highly trained in the latest technologies with a regemented focus on safety and a high quality of work.

Working with Focus

Local 98 members work in the electrical, telecommunications and broadcast industries in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. High-Definition broadcasts and wireless Internet are two examples of the emerging technologies that Local 98 is responsible for.

Connected with Community

Local 98 gets involved in the communities of its members through its members. From park clean-ups to church sponsored outreach programs, IBEW Local 98 always makes time to help.