The IBEW Local 98 has reached a deal with the TV station. The following is the official statement from IBEW Business Manager John J. Dougherty.

“IBEW Local 98 can now confirm the ratification of a new four-year contract with NBC 10. The term sounds cliched, but this was truly a win-win for both parties. NBC 10 once again has its best trained and most skilled union photographers and technicians back in the fold and just in time for the all-important November sweeps ratings period.

For our Local 98 members, they’re back doing what they love and know they have job security. Both we and NBC 10 acknowledge the uncertain future of television broadcasting, but we each understand the value of entering the future together, as partners.

With streaming, multiple viewing platforms, 3-D technology and seemingly endless other technological developments changing the industry by the day, none of us knows what the future holds in store for the television industry and those who make it work.

However, we are grateful to be continuing our relationship with NBC 10 and thank its management for working through this sometimes difficult process to reach an equitable new agreement. IBEW Local 98’s members look forward to returning to the station and the jobs they do so well.”

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